January 26 2017
La nuit des idées,
Rebecca Saunders Solitude
Iannis Xenakis Kottos
Johann Sebastian Bach Prelude of the IV suite
Franck Bedrossian the spider as an artist
Jonathan Harvey curve with plateaux
Museo Tamayo, Mexico D.F, Mexico,

March 12 2017       
SWR Jetzt Musik
Mauro Lanza la bataille de Caresme et de Charnage
Steingrimur Rolhoff magic number Premiere
Franck Bedrossian The spider as an artist
Jonathan Harvey 3 sketches
Klaus Ospald Quintett von den entlegenen Feldern
SWR Experimentalstudio
Schlossbergsaal, SWR Freiburg

april-june 2017
Chaya Czernowin infinite now
Opera for 4 singers, 4 instrumental soloists and orchestra, Premiere
Opera Ghent, Opera Antwerpen, Nationaltheater Mannheim, Philarmonie Paris,

May 8 2017
Où en êtes-vous, Joao Pedro Rodrigues?
original music of the long feature movie ‘o ornitologo’+ other works for solo cello,
Harvard Film archive, Cambridge, Ma, USA

June 2 2017
Matrix on tour, Lubjana, Slovenia, recital for cello and electronics, works from Hans Tutschku, roque Rivas and Jonathan Harvey, SWR Experimentalstudio


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